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Samos, the easternmost island of the Aegean, is within swimming distance of Asia Minor. Images of the island are framed by brunches of samian grapes, vine leaves and vineyards. The capital, Samos, is built like an amphitheater at the end of a deep bay, next to the harbour of Vathi. Plane trees, springs, and neoclassical buildings coexist harmoniously with modern elements at Karlovassi. Gorgeous beaches at Kokari, pebbled ones at Potami, busy ones at Tsamadou and the best one on the island at Hrissi. Fishing villages with the sandy beaches, mountain villages with picturesque alleways and houses in the charming local style. There are many monasteries on the Samos, such as Megali Panagia, Agia Zoni, Vronta, Panagia Spiliani, Zoodohou Pigi. Finally, to the south is the Pithagorio or Tigani with the ruins of the ancient acropolis and Evpalineio aqueduct, and further south still is the Heraio, dedicated to the worship of Hera.
There is regular service for Karlovassi and Vathi of Samos. The distance is 174 nautical miles and the trip takes 12 hours. There is frequent service from Rafina to Samos. The distance is 153 nautical miles and the trip takes 20 hours and 30 minutes.There is service from Thessaloniki to Karlovassi and Samos.Regular service links Kavala and the Dodecanese to Samos during the summer are regular flights from Athens (western airport) to Samos (1 hour). The island's airport is 17 km south-west of the capital.


Archaelogists believe from excavations that Samos has been inhabited since Neolithic times (circa 3000 BC).

The first settlers on Samos were the Hera-worshipping Pelasgians, the Phoenicians, the Leleges, and the Carians. Those early settlers were succeeded by the Mycenaeans.

Samos became a naval force to be reckoned with during the 6th century BC, under the despot Polycrates. Under his rule, the arts and sciences flourished and the Efpalinio Tunnel, a magnificent jetty and the equally impressive Temple of Hera were constructed.

Samos was the birthplace of numerous notable ancient Greeks such as the astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus who was the first to prophesize that the sun was the centre of the universe, the philosopher Epicurus, Aesop and the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. More philosophers and scientists were born in Samos , as well as luminary Hellenic architects, sculptors and painters.

During the Battle of Plataea of 479 BC, the Samians helped the Athenians achieve victory and then joined in democratic allegiance with the city state.

Samos also took part in the Battle of Mykale and, together with the rest of the Greek navy, defeated the Persian naval forces. The Spartans annexed Samos during the Peloponnesian Wars.

During the centuries that followed, Samos was ruled by the Romans, the Venetians and the Genoese.

Along with the rest of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands , in 1453, Samos came under the domination of the Turks. In the early 1820s,the people of Samos played an essential part in the Greek Revolution against Turkish occupation

However, the Great Powers reinstated Turkish rule on the island in 1830, establishing it as a semi-autonomous colony ruled by a Christian prince. This period is known as 'Hegemony' and was characterized by an economic and social upturn of the lives of the inhabitants which was helped in part by the flourishing trade in tobacco.

Following the Balkan Wars, Samos was finally reunited with the rest of the Hellenic Republic  in 1912.

KARLOVASSI BEACH A long, sandy beach, 33 km north-west of Samos.Photo KOKARI BEACH A beautiful beach with sand and pebbles, 10 km north-west of Samos.A beach with thin sand, pebbles and crystal blue waters, 11 km north-west of Samos. MARATHOKAMBOS BEACH. A small beach, 55 km south-west of Samos.PITHAGORIO BEACH. A beach with thin sand and pebbles, 13 km south of Samos.PSILI AMMOS BEACH. A long, sandy beach of unique natural beauty, 56 km south-west of Samos.TSAMADOU BEACH. A small beach with crystal blue waters, 11 km north-west of Samos.